About Us

Welcome to my online shop! My name is Lucy and it has been my dream to have my very own shop for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until October 2021 I actually thought about what sort of a shop! 

I'm married to Sam and have three children, Jack, Emma and George. I also have a black Labrador called Nelson and three guinea pigs; Holly, Tina and Coco. I started dressmaking when my oldest son, Jack, was in his very first nativity aged 5 back in 2016. I didn't know what I was doing! I started with stretch velvet and a terrible sewing machine but I caught the bug anyway. 

I'm still new to my sewing journey when no matter how long I sew, I will probably always be, in my mind, a beginner! I sell fabrics and pattern companies that I have had experience of sewing with.  I wanted to make my shop a little treasure trove of the fabrics that I love and every single fabric that I stock in my shop has either had a 'I can't live without that' moment or a 'That would make a perfect.....'. Whatever the fabric, my mind has had a plan for it!

I learnt to use a sewing machine when my eldest son was five and appearing in his very first nativity. I made a (really awful) wise man costume. My son was thrilled to bits to be wearing something Mummy Made and there and then I caught the bug. Jack is now twelve and his wardrobe still consists of Mummy Made items, in particular t-shirts and hoodies. My daughter, Emma (10), has many Mummy Made dresses and has even made several skirts herself and my youngest son, George (5) wears t-shirts, jumpers, jogger bottoms and hoodies as well as several shirts.

There are no bricks and mortar shops in my own town and the ones in the town where I work both shut down, one shortly after the pandemic and the other due to relocation down south.

It was at this point where I thought "You know what? I can do this." And so Lucy Locket Fabrics was born. The shop began as a number of lists and ideas scrawled in a notebook and then I decided to take the plunge and ordered my first few bolts of fabric.

I wanted to stock fabrics that I loved and that I would have purchased for my own dressmaking projects. I love bright colours, dark backgrounds and any fabric with a retro feel to it. I love florals, stripes, abstract as well as spots, geometric and plains.

I love working with stretch fabrics as well as viscose and corduroys. I wanted my shop to reflect my sewing journey, and in order to be able to help and advise, I knew that I should only stock what I had used myself. The same for patterns too. I love the independent pattern companies and have learnt my amazing hobby through using these incredible patterns

I hope you enjoy looking through the fabrics in my little shop. It really could be a sneaky peak into my fabric stash at any given time. I really want people to feel as though they are sewing with me and that we are taking part in our sewing journey together.

Lucy x