There's a monster in my Sewing Shed

There's a monster in my Sewing Shed

There's a monster in my sewing shed!

It took up residence in March 2023 and has lived in a brown paper bag ever since. It doesn't need feeding or water or exercise but it is incredibly noisy and is constantly making itself known to me.

It has a few tricks. The bag it resides in is always in the way. Whatever I need to get to, I have to move the bag. I can't help myself, I peer in and then I see the monster. Its blue and green and pink with flowers and stripes and care bears and buttons and zips and its made out of viscose, cotton and french terry.

It falls off the shelf. Constantly. And makes me jump!

I forget what it is and keep looking in the bag only to waken it from its slumber and set it off again.

It's things that people have asked me to do because they know i love dressmaking! I do! But I don't like hemming or alterations

You wouldn't ask Michelangelo to paint your skirtings or Gordon Ramsey to peel your potatoes. 

I know I should say NO, but its not in my nature. I do like to help people. Unfortunately, this monster has caused me to suffer with extreme guilt. I have avoided my sewing shed for most of the year because of the MONSTER. Silly I know, but I felt if I couldn't do those bits for other people, why should I sew something for myself.

My #MakeNineChallenge has suffered as a result. I was off to a flying start at the beginning of the year. I think I'd done 4 projects by March but now, midway through December, I've still got 5 outstanding.


So next year, when people ask, I will say NO, although to be quite honest its taken nine months for me to do the alterations, so I suspect I wont get asked again.

And if you're reading this Catharine, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to take so long but it was 2 circular skirts with 3 metres of hemming on each skirt. I have a lazy eye so I find straight hems really hard to do by sight so I have to measure and remeasure. And because it was for you, I wanted to take my time get it right for you because you always do so much for me.

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