Snuggle up with a Coco

Snuggle up with a Coco

Well, it's officially Autumn in the UK. Still mild but some evenings have me reaching for my cardigan (or my 'ganzy' as I've always called it).

I love Autumn, I love the colours and Bonfire Night. I also love the sewing this time of year.

On my sewing table now, I have two pieces of fabric that have been in my stash since Spring. Not because I didn't know what to do with them but because I did!! I just didn't fancy sewing cosy clothes during a heatwave ☀☀

So, my 'go to' garment for Autumn/Winter is the Tilly and the Buttons Coco. I have made this dress four times (so far) for myself and twice as a top for a friend. I love this dress, four pattern pieces, and with an overlocker it's done in the morning ready to snuggle up in in the evening.

I'm 5ft 10 inches so have added three inches to the bottom, an extra two in length but also in increase in the hem allowance because I keep having problems with flippy hems. I also seem to have much deeper cuffs on my Coco, but I quite like the look so have never changed it!


The first three Coco dresses I made I did put the pockets on. The first two sets went on like a dream, the third set I must have tried three or four times and they are still not right. Since then, I have given up with pockets! I find it hard to get them on straight and I have a lazy eye which doesn't help!

I have to confess; I am not a pocket person. Not because I don't find them useful its more because I overuse them. I tend to fill a pocket with everything that should go in a handbag! So, my poor Coco's end up straining under the weight of keys, a phone, a purse etc.

My next Coco, I want to hack to have a peter pan collar. I have seen someone else with this hack and I loved the look of it. So that's my next plan!

One of my favourite materials to work with is French Terry. It is one of the more stable knit fabrics, which means its easier to work with. It doesn't stretch out like cotton jersey or viscose jersey does which is why if you are a beginner to knit fabrics, I would recommend it. In fact, as beginner garments go, a Coco and French Terry are probably the best project to get your teeth into.

Happy stitching

Lucy x 




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