My favourite Sewing Patterns for knit fabrics

My favourite Sewing Patterns for knit fabrics

Ever wanted to sew with knits? Too afraid?

Well, don't be!

I love sewing with knits. Once you get the hang of the fabric, a knit garment can be produced in a fraction of the time for several reasons. Oh and no - YOU DON'T NEED AN OVERLOCKER!!

1. Knit garments generally have more EASE woven garments. This means that there are pretty forgiving when it comes to size. Knit garments are designed to be comfortable to wear so are usually sized quite generously.

Not as much requirement for a toile or fitting

2. Knit garments can be sewn up quickly on a regular sewing machine with a zigzag stitch and a ballpoint or jersey needle. It's nice if you have an overlocker, but don't rush out and buy one because you think you have to.

Garments are quick to produce

3. Many knit garments do not require fastenings. So put down that buttonhole and return the zips to the drawer. They are not needed today. (Yay!) Another reason for a quickly produced garment!

Simple designs - no fiddly bits!

4. I have three children. I like to make clothes for my children, but they have a habit of growing very quickly. I like making knit garments for them because of the speed they go together. I can knock up a batch of t-shirts in an afternoon.

Once the pattern is cut out, t-shirts, jogger pants etc are brilliant for batch sewing. 

Easy to sew up in batches

So, now you've decided to jump onboard the knit train, which pattern should you choose? Well, it's no secret I love a Tilly and the Buttons Coco. Its a simple pattern; front, back, and 2 sleeves (and if you want, 2 pockets) Honestly, its a doddle! 

Also, of all the knit patterns, I find french terry and sweat shirting fabric more stable to sew with. They tend not to move all over.

I also love the Forget Me Not Clementine Dress. A lovely little dress with princess seams which can be made in light to medium weigh knits. The pattern company suggest cotton jersey, viscose jersey, double knit. I prefer to make this pattern using a medium weight fabric because I prefer the way it hangs and looks on me. 

For those of you who don’t mind sticking together PDFs, (or those who like to get them printed) then there are a plethora of independent pattern companies available to choose from. Below is a list of the pattern designers that I have used when making garments for my children and myself. Many of these companies offer a freebie, so check them out!

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I made the Kids classic pyjamas for my youngest son. Its a really easy make. Good clear instructions and a pattern you will use time and time again.

Other easy patterns are  the kids sweatshirt and kids joggers pattern. I got the sweatshirt free with a sewing magazine but its another pattern you will use over and over again.

LaurelStyla Galena


Styla patterns/Little Lizard King offer several patterns for free. Just click on the free tutorial and there's a lovely selection of patterns available to download. I have made the Galena and the Laurel and a mash up of the two. The Galena is a particular favourite of mine. I have three for myself and I made my daughter the bishop sleeved version for Christmas. It looks stunning and I'm a little bit jealous!

Styla Patterns is the adult section and Little Lizard King is for children. Instructions are very clear and if you join their Facebook page there are plenty of sew along tutorial videos. Several for each garment so you only need to watch the bit you want. Plus the Facebook followers are more than happy to offer advice and help should you need it. As with other sewing communities, I have found it to be friendly, helpful and inspiring!

 What are your favourite knit patterns? Let me know in the comments below.




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